Monday March 26, 2012 saw the most epic battle of the season go down on NBC's "The Voice". The gloves were off (actually they were ON) and so was the guy liner and nail polish!  It was the Clash of the Titans--Tony Vincent vs Justin Hopkins.  Two powerhouse performers going head to head for the final place in the line up of 24 contestants moving on to the LIVE shows (which start next Monday April 2, 2012).   Both Tony and Justin brought their A-game and the emotional underpinning of the song picked for them (Journey's "Faithfully") saw both artists (both family men) totally connected with it.  “The song was really special to me because it’s really kind of the testimony of how I’ve lived the last 20 years of my life,” Tony said. “Especially now that I’m getting ready to be a father and my baby’s on the way. I know what it’s like to be away from the person that’s your lover that you would give your life for." The duet performance (battle) was nothing short of incredible.  The judges passed comment, Adam Levine liking the "dirtiness" in Justin's voice and both Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera thought Tony would be a more versatile team member.  It was an edge of the seat moment --it could have gone either way and Cee Lo Green said it was his toughest choice yet, but he chose Tony. (phewwwwww!) 

If you missed it or you're outside the US, you can watch the entire Tony vs Justin "battle" segment here.  You can also view Press and Photos from this battle round.

Tony's studio version of "Faithfully" is available on iTunes.  It reached #60 in the iTunes top 200 yesterday, so please download it to keep it climbing!  Downloads will now count towards the total weekly voting process so it is CRUCIAL that you download his songs and encourage others to do the same.  

Tony will now advance to the LIVE shows, his next performance being on April 9th.  The competition is fierce, so, please PLEASE follow these Ten Promo Tips and help get the word out to everyone you know to VOTE TONY VINCENT!

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