Armour up TeamTV we're going in to 'battle' (quite literally!) The fight is on!  On February 20, 2012, Tony gave a fresh and fiesty powerhouse performance of Queen's 'We Are The Champions' on NBC's The Voice, and secured himself a position on coach Cee Lo Green's Team (#TeamRedZone).  He now advances on to the next stage of the competition (the battle round).  Cee Lo loved Tony's vocal and was full of praise for his confident and powerful performance, commenting that he did justice to the song and that Freddie Mercury would have been proud--HELL YEAH!  If you haven't already seen it, check out his performance here,  This is the biggest opportunity of Tony's career to date, so we must all now get behind him, support him and vote for him, to ensure that he advances through the various stages of the competition, and ultimately to the winning post, and to the reality of his dream.  This will NOT happen without his team of fans,  pulling out all the stops to support him.  Below, i've put together a list of ways that we can get interactive and involved in supporting Tony.

1). You can download (comment and rate) Tony's full version of We Are The Champions on iTunes NOW!  It is CRUCIAL that you download his songs (and not rip them from unofficial sources), as they count towards his progression in the show (along with the opinion of his coach and viewer votes).  
2).  If Tony is successful in the battle round then he will advance to the live shows.  This will require you to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE each week to keep him in the competition!
3). If you're an artistic type, then create banners and posters to help spread the word on your socail networking sites.  If not, then, no problem, here's a promotional poster that you can use. There will be more as we go!
4). Ensure that you and your friends / family are plugged in to the mains and are following Tony on his Official Twitter (@TonyTheVincent) and Official Facebook page and Official Facebook (The Voice) Page.  He also has an NBC artist page which will be packed with all things TV on The Voice --cool VIDEO blogs, photos and exclusives from him.  Post about him on your social networks and any forums you may support, RT (Retweet) him on Twitter, hit the "share" button to share his posts with your Facebook friends, and tag him him in your posts.   The internet is a powerful tool.
5). Help to get Tony trending on Twitter and help new fans find him.  As well as posting his Twitter ID @TonyTheVincent, please add hashtags at the end of your posts about him, and any other tags relevant to the subject/topic you are "twittering" about. i.e If you're posting about Tony's appearance in "The Voice", then hashtag #TonyVincent and #TheVoice. Got it? Twitter recommend no more than 3 tags per post.  
6). Word of mouth allows you to talk from the heart about Tony and spread the love to your family, friends and aquaintances in your day to day life.  Play his music and tell people about him and how he may have impacted on you or inspired you.  Don't overdo it however, as this could have a negtive affect and turn people off.  
7). Head over to Tony's Merch Store and grab yourself a TV tee, a poster or a CD bundle! They make great gifts too! (groovy wrist bands coming soon!) 

This is a TEAM effort, so if anyone else has any promo thoughts or ideas, don't hesitate to drop me an email at
OK! Let's go!

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