Today not only marks the launch of the Royal Mail "Musical" stamp collection featuring Tony Vincent (available from all UK Post Offices or online here), but it also marks the beginning of a new website and website name, as makes the change to (TeamTV).  The reason for this massive change being that 1) we lost a number of groovy features offered by our previous web host,, after the redesign / customisation of the site by the amazing team at a couple years ago.  The built in features which we were paying for each month were no longer compatible with the site layout, and the site became difficult to manage and update.  Our new web provider allows a customisable layout without the need for design skills, or losing any features, they are geared towards artist promotion, offering specific tools to make promotion easy, and navigation through the site a fluid experience, AND their customer support is second to none.  2)  The name, although has a global connotation, does not represent what we are truly about.  What I have loved more than anything about running this site is the sense of community i feel amongst us.  IWe are united by an artist and we are passionate and committed to supporting and promoting him--we have a common goal--we are a force to be reckoned with--we are a TEAM--we are TEAMTV.

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